We frequently arrange markets, celebrations of national holidays and other social events at the homestead museum of Kollsberg. Visitors are warmly invited to take part in these events. Please check the programme below to see what is happening when.* Admission is free unless otherwise indicated. We hope to see you at Kollsberg!

*Check the calendar to the right for the latest updates, as some dates might change inadvertently.

4 April 2020

The Easter market at Kollsberg is held every year on Saturday afternoon before Palm Sunday. You can buy homemade Easter decorations, such as the traditional Easter witches, embroidery, decorated twigs, and many kinds of pastries. The museum café is open. Children can paint ‘Easter letters’ which are then sent to the witches who meet at Blåkulla according to Swedish folklore.

30 April 2020

Walpurgis night celebrations have been held at the homestead museum of Kollsberg since 1925. Young and old come together on the last evening of April to listen to songs and speeches, watch the traditional bonfire and, after dark, the fireworks. Refreshments are for sale the whole evening. Entrance fee: 40 SEK/adult, children up to 15 free admission.

6 June 2020

The 6th of June is Sweden’s National Day. Since 2016, this day is celebrated at Kollsberg with a moped rally. If you are interested in old or new mopeds, this is your chance to come and watch or participate yourself. Start and finish at the homestead museum!

20 June 2020

One of the highlights of the year is the Midsummer celebration. The day starts with a religious service, followed by coffee. After lunch, children dance around the Midsummer pole, and there is an entertainment programme with music and folk dance.

25 July 2020

Celebration of the national Homestead Day, which is organised every year around an aspect of local heritage.

15 August 2020

The antiques and flea market at the homestead museum is arranged simultaneously with the yearly Old-timers market on the nearby marketsquare. This popular event attracts visitors from near and far looking for bargains.

22 August 2020

Daytrip for members of the association of the homestead museum. The fee varies depending on the programme. We visit one or more destinations not too far away from Torsby. Even those who are not member are welcome to come along as long as there is availability. Contact us to register.

20 September 2020

At the beginning of the autumn, it is time for the yearly farmers’ market. Local and regional sellers offer their freshly harvested vegetables, potatoes and fruit, as well as locally produced foods and handicrafts. Come with your own apples and get freshly squeezed apple juice. There is a poultry market and children can ride a pony. The museum café is open. Today is the last opportunity of the year to order ‘motti och fläsk’, the traditional Finnish meal of roasted oatmeal porridge and bacon with lingonberry jam on the side.

5 December 2020

The biggest event of the year at Kollsberg is the traditional Christmas market on Saturday before Second Advent. All houses are open to the public and involved in the market. You can see and buy homemade Christmas decorations, such as traditional spruce bucks, embroideries and knitwear. Or try the local specialty potato sausages (joappelkorv). A great attraction are the homemade gingerbread creations, such as the beautifully crafted gingerbread houses. We also celebrate the feast of Lucia with a Lucia procession. Did you know that Santa Claus is waiting for you in the smoke house? Children can take a horsedrawn sleigh ride in case of snow. The museum café is open for the last time this year!