About us

Logo of Fryksände Hembygdsförening

The homestead museum of Kollsberg in Torsby is owned and managed by the Fryksände Homestead Association (Fryksände Hembygdsförening). We aim to conserve and develop the museum in such a way that local cultural traditions are kept alive and passed on to the next generation. Through the museum and its public events, we aim to show not only historical buildings and objects, but also how people in Torsby used to live their lives.

Fryksände Hembygdsförening counts almost 400 members. Many members volunteer to keep the museum alive and assist during events. The association’s yearly turnover is about 1.1 million Swedish crowns.

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You can also become a member of Fryksände Hembygdsförening and support the museum. Membership costs SEK 200 a year, and members receive our magazine twice a year. Please give us a call or send an e-mail to sign up.


The association’s board consists of

  • Berit Juhl (president)
  • Ann Hammarlund (vice president)
  • Anita Sandberg (cashier)
  • Anitha Rattfält (secretary)
  • Monica Sylvander (ordinary member)
  • Sigrid Olsson (substitute)
  • Inga-Lill Kvarnlöf (substitute)
  • Ingrid Helgesson (substitute)
  • Hans Johnsson (substitute)