ServeringThe museum café is located in the main farmhouse (Storstugan). It offers coffee with homemade pastries, waffles and other tasty refreshments.

During the summer season, the traditional ‘motti och fläsk’ is on the menu as well. This is a local, Old Finnish meal consisting of roasted oatmeal porridge, bacon and lingonberry jam on the side.

The café is open during events and during the summer season.


Motti och fläsk, includes drink/milk and coffee with cookie – SEK 140. With other drink SEK 20 extra. Children under 12 – SEK 70.

Coffee, tea or other drink with pastries – SEK 55

Coffee, tea with a waffle (served with jam and whipping cream)  – SEK 60 – A second waffle SEK 40 extra.

Another other drink with a waffle (served with jam and whipping cream) – SEK 60

Coffee, tea or other drink with a sandwich – SEK 60

If you prefer just a cup of coffee or tea – SEK 20

A drink – SEK 20

A sandwich – SEK 40

Festis, bun, or piece of cake – SEK 10

Juice or cookie – SEK 5


The museum offers catering to groups of max. 100 persons. The main farmhouse ‘Storstugan’ accommodates 60 persons and the storehouse ‘Torsbymagasinet’ 90. There is no heating installed at the Torsbymagasinet. More seating can be found outside. Group catering has to be ordered in advance, for more information, go to Rental.